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About Carolina Maids Inc.

Company Overview:

Carolina Maids Inc. (A North Carolina Corp) operates in 5 cities in North, with corporate offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. All offices and locations are owned by Carolina Maids Inc. and are not franchised. Carolina Maids Inc. primary business is residential home cleaning (maid service).


Carolina Maids Inc. owns several subsidiaries. They are:

iBizSeller An internet company that lists businesses for sale by owner.

iBizMotel An internet company that lists hotels, motels, lodges, inn's and bed & breakfasts that are for sale by owner.

iBizCommercial An internet company that lists commercial properties that are for sale by owner.

ReaLook An internet search engine.

CarolinaWork An online job site for North & South Carolina.

To contact Carolina Maids or any of these sites, call 704-588-5998 8AM - 3PM EST, Monday through Friday or write to:

660 Westinghouse Blvd
Suite 102
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

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