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Move In/Out House Cleaning Check List

This is the "nutshell" version of our move in/out check list.

All outer surfaces are washed and wiped down, the sink is scoured. Inside cabinets, drawers, frig and oven are optional areas. Self-cleaning ovens cannot be cleaned. We can wipe them out, however, you must run the cleaning cycle the day prior to cleaning.
All floor areas are cleaned. On linoleum or tile, the maid will use a mild detergent. Hardwood floors are lightly damp mopped with a solution of vinegar and water. Carpets are vacuumed.
The entire bathroom is cleaned. Inside cabinets and drawer is optional. We do not clean ceilings in bathrooms.
The maid will start high for cobwebs, move down through ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, window ledges and sills, baseboards, and inside closets.
Optional Areas:
Cleaning inside windows. Wet washing woodwork. Inside of an oven. Sweeping garages. Cleaning inside fireplaces. Cleaning any outside areas such as porches, storage rooms, etc.
Items Not Done On Move In/Out Cleaning:
Wash walls or ceilings. Wax (or remove) floors. Moving appliances (frig, stove, washer or dryer).

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